Springtime in Sevilla

Since we’re currently living in Barcelona and this has been our first visit back to Spain since we left three years ago, we felt like it was perfect timing to return to Sevilla – our very first stop on this worldwide tour. To make the timing even more perfect, Ross’s parents were going to be in town during Sevilla’s Feria de Abril.  So, we all booked tickets and headed south!

Click the image to view our slide show.

We want to send a great big thank you to our dear friends Rich and Karen who graciously opened their home to us and helped us have such a fantastic visit. We’re so glad to have been able to spend such a wonderful weekend with you!

We also want to thank Chuck and Marilyn for joining us as well as sharing some of their photos for this post!


About Ross & Lindsay

"There he was in the parking lot, the guy who'd been smiling at me for the last three weeks, it was the perfect opportunity." - "What seems like yesterday, I was walking into the gym when I heard the most beautiful voice in the world. I still can't believe she had the guts to beat me to it." - "He was cute, funny and intriguing, giving me no choice but to say yes to a trip to Estes Park." - "Our trip to Estes was great, I started to get the feeling she was more than I expected. I took the opportunity to tell her I was leaving to Spain, for an undetermined stay." - "Dang!, I'd fallen for a guy who was leaving the country. At least he'd introduced me to The Beatles and Jack Bauer, I was hoping he didn't stay long." - "Spain, what a beautiful place. I was so glad she came out to travel with me." - "It was the best time of my life. He opened my eyes to a whole new world." - "Then it was my time to come home, I was out of money and reality was calling my name." - "I was so glad he was coming home. No more long distance phone calls, no more sad lonely days." - "Back in the states, work, 14th Avenue and her. "Babe, do you like dogs?" - "We'd found the perfect dog, Rocky Raccoon made us a party of three. Our little family was just about perfect, but something was still missing." - "I had an interview with a company back in Spain, but they liked her resume better than mine." - "Could this have been true? Did he find us both English speaking jobs back in Sevilla?" - "Rocky wasn't happy about the 14hr flight, but I think he agrees with us both now, that living abroad is a dream come true." - Two of Us Writing is a glimpse into our journey living deliberately.

One response to “Springtime in Sevilla

  1. Mack Reynolds

    really great slide show. i was born in spain but have never been back since i left at the age of four. the architecture and church are beautiful. i’d really love to take a trip back to my birthplace. looks like such a great time.

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